What is NovelAI: Features, Uses, Alternative and Installation

The latest craze is art created by AI. Novel AI became available in the game once DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, DreamBooth AI, Wombo Dream, and Make-A-Video had already been included. You could find that using an AI story generator helps you come up with interesting characters and spectacular plots (even plots with a three-act structure). Therefore, let’s investigate it more and see what it claims to offer.

Before the advent of these tools, the process of producing graphics from text was a laborious, time-consuming task that required the expertise of artists or designers. This meant that there was a cap on the total number of images that could be made, and the quality of those images was directly proportional to the level of expertise possessed by the respective artist or designer.

What is NovelAI

NovelAI is an AI-generated writing tool that adds a text-to-image AI art generator that is driven by Stable Diffusion (hashtag: #NovelAIDiffusion). NovelAI is an acronym for novelai stable diffusion. You can already utilise NovelAI to help you generate new ideas for stories and plots, and it can also assist you in producing those stories. NovelAI makes certain that you have all the required components for your story. In addition to that, beginning today, it now includes a text-to-image AI generator.

NovelAI is a subscription service that offers artificial intelligence-assisted authorship, narrative, and virtual companionship to its users monthly. It functions as a sandbox for your ideas and is powered by GPT. And just today, Novel AI made the announcement that it has developed an image generating tool.

Anyone, regardless of their degree of writing expertise, is capable of publishing high-quality literature with the assistance of the artificial intelligence algorithms provided by Novel AI. They enable unprecedented levels of adaptability by making use of our Natural Language Processing sandbox in addition to our very own artificial intelligence models that have been trained on real works of literature. The artificial intelligence immediately adapts to the information you provide while keeping your perspective and terminology intact.

Novel AI is an ongoing project that is developing an artificial intelligence storytelling tool for use by the public. It’s surprising how much freedom AI storytelling gives its users to tell their own stories. It has been variously referred to as both a game and a writing helper; however, it combines the functions of the two. Novel AI strives to provide a user-friendly environment while also honouring your right to privacy, being transparent, and demonstrating a general sense of kindness on the part of the developers.


To generate images from text prompts, NovelAI makes use of a custom implementation of the source-available Stable Diffusion text-to-image diffusion model. This model is specifically trained on a Danbooru-based dataset. GPT-based models are used to generate storywriting prose. Additionally, there is the option to produce a new image by modelling it after an already existing one. In the terms of service for NovelAI, it is stated that any content that is generated by the user remains their property, regardless of whether the user is an individual or a corporation. According to Anlatan, produced photos are not stored locally on their systems in any capacity.

Can I use AI to write a book?

Novel AI is a fantastic tool for writers of fiction who are interested in developing their creative process with the assistance of artificial intelligence. On the app, you have access to a wide variety of writing styles, which allows you to zero in on the one that works best for your narrative. If you want them to, they can even assist you in writing stories in the vein of your favourite author. All you must do is tell them what you want to do. They contribute to the development of the story’s concepts as well as the characters.

In a nutshell, the following are the most valuable aspects of NovelAI:

  • The AI generator will utilise artificial intelligence to develop new storylines, characters, and settings based on the criteria that you provide.
  • You can seek comments on your work and engage in idea exchange with other individuals.
  • NovelAI’s encrypted servers provide a safe and secure environment for your work to be stored.
  • The editor’s typefaces, sizes, and colour scheme may all be customized at any time. Changing these elements is always an option.
  • The image-generating experience provided by NovelAI Diffusion Anime is unique and was developed expressly to provide you with a creative tool to depict your visions in an unrestricted manner, so allowing you to paint the stories that are currently running through your head.
  • Using NovelAI Diffusion Furry (Beta), you can create material that features anthropomorphic animals with fur and a furry aesthetic.
  • Stable Diffusion serves as the engine behind the text-to-image generating tools offered by NovelAI.

Novel AI is the best choice for writers who want to utilise a narrative generator to produce a story that is engaging and compelling but don’t want to write it themselves. The software provides a wide variety of categories, from which you can select the one that best fits the tone of your story.

Novel AI provides authors with the added capability of writing stories using the voices of well-known authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, and HP Lovecraft. Using NovelAI, you may either continue or rewrite the stories you’ve already written.

Keep in mind that the only thing that may hold your tale back is your own lack of originality, and that the use of AI can make it much easier for you to create your next masterpiece. -seller

How to install NovelAI on Mobile?

Here are steps for how to install Novel AI on Android and iOS.

How to install NovelAI on Android?

On order to install a PWA, you will first need to open Novel AI’s webpage on the mobile browser on your device.

The next step is to enter the browser’s menu and look for an option that says “Install” or “Add to the home screen.”

Novel AI will add a new icon to your home screen, which you may click to begin the programme. If your home screen is already full, the icon may be moved to a separate page. When you do this, all of the browser’s extraneous overhead is removed, which frees up more space in the user interface.

How to install NovelAI on iOS?

It’s as easy as looking in the “add to” section for the option to “add to home screen.” This is the same way that Novel AI is installed on Android devices.

Alternatives to NovelAI


AI Dungeon


Deep Story

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Infer Kit

Stable Diffusion



Can you use NovelAI for free?

Yes. Users who sign up for Novel AI’s free tier are granted access to the company’s Euterpe AI Story Generating software as well as 100 free AI generations.

What do you use NovelAI for?

NovelAI is an artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted authorship, storytelling, virtual companionship, or simply a GPT-powered playground for your creativity service that is offered on a monthly subscription basis. Because our Artificial Intelligence algorithms generate writing that is human-like based on your own, we have made it possible for anyone, regardless of their skill, to write quality literature.

How does NovelAI image work?

How the process works. The way that Stable Diffusion works is that it creates an image based on the word prompt that you provide. The image begins with merely noise, and it is steadily improved until there is no noise left at all. The artificial intelligence will link your language to images and create a brand-new arrangement for you each time you give it a command.

How to train a NovelAI model?

Launch the NovelAI menu, navigate to the beaker symbol, and then pick AI Module Training from the drop-down menu. Following this, the screen for the AI module trainer will become visible. After that, you should pick how many steps your training will cover and then upload any relevant materials.

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